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Find Out Why Everyone Loves Syd....

CyberSyd is an app for young people to report bullying easily and confidentially from anywhere at any time.

We’re so sure that you’re going to love CyberSyd that we’re going to make you an amazing offer…..but we’ll come to that later.

Why do we think that everyone will love Syd?

Students will love CyberSyd because they can download the app with a few clicks, in seconds they’re logged in and then they’re straight into chatting with Syd in confidence.

Teachers will love CyberSyd because it gives them less work by taking the student’s chat and turning it into a completed Bullying Concern Assessment Form which is emailed straight to them. It’s immediate, secure and in a format that reflects SIMS and the new legislation.

Schools will love CyberSyd because, after a quick chat with our team, signing up takes less than 60 seconds. There’s even a dedicated Schools Portal providing support.

School Governors will love CyberSyd because it’s an innovative, proactive way of keeping their students safe from bullying that supports the new legislation. It’s a great addition to any anti-bullying policy.

So, what’s our amazing offer?

We’re so sure that you’re going to love CyberSyd that, if you don’t, you can cancel within 90 days and receive a full refund!

And did we tell you about the 10% discount for schools signing-up before 1st September?

CyberSyd is affordable, particularly if you join our Sponsor Syd Scheme and a local business helps you with the cost. One generous donor has approached us already.

If you’re interested then please go to and book a call - we’d love to hear from you!


Aaron and Simon

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