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CyberSyd: You Report It. Syd Stops It.

Bullying can have a devastating impact on a young person’s life.

Their wellbeing, mental health and academic performance can deteriorate. What makes it worse is that they feel they can’t escape from it, they can’t confide in anyone and they suffer in silence.

How can they break through these barriers? Something needs to change.

A year and a half ago we decided to tackle this problem. We set up a social enterprise and are delighted to introduce you to…..

CyberSyd is an app that aims to eliminate these barriers so students can report bullying easily and confidentially from anywhere at any time!

The students and staff of St Pius X College, Magherafelt, piloted CyberSyd and today we met with the young people who gave us feedback. We’re delighted that St Pius X have signed-up to go live with us in September.

New anti-bullying legislation is about to take effect in Northern Ireland’s schools which includes statutory responsibilities to prevent and record bullying. More information on how this will affect teachers and governors as well as information about our new app can be found at

We’re passionate about making the world a brighter place for our young people. School is a big part of their world, and anything that we can do to make a positive difference there can have a massive impact on their wellbeing, their development and their future.

Welcome to CyberSyd - we’d love you to join our community.

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Aaron and Simon

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