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Our Loyalty Programme

At CyberSyd, we’re passionate about making the world a brighter place for our young people.

So, to maximise the number of young people in schools and youth organisations who can use our platform to report bullying, we are committed to making it as affordable as possible.

CyberSyd costs 25p (GBP0.25 or equivalent) per account each month and you can have as many accounts as you like. Monthly payments give you more flexibility, however, we also offer an annual payment option. All we ask is that young people using CyberSyd are NEVER asked to pay.

A young person can therefore be provided with access to CyberSyd for a whole year for only GBP3 (or equivalent).

But it doesn’t end there. With our Loyalty Programme, the longer you subscribe, the cheaper CyberSyd gets.

To make CyberSyd even more accessible, we are offering all schools or youth organisations who subscribe from September 2023 a free 3-month trial to see if CyberSyd meets their needs.

We’re doing everything we can to build a community which refuses to tolerate bullying behaviour, reporting it, challenging it, and ultimately reducing it. We would love you to join us!

Go to to find out more and register your interest!

Bullying: You Report It, Syd Stops It.

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