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Our Free Trial is Now Live!

Thank you to all the schools who have expressed an interest in our free 3-month trial!

We’re delighted to say that our on-line system is now live and ready to accept your registrations!

CyberSyd has helped many young people to report bullying and get their issues resolved. It has also made it easier for teachers to deal with bullying cases and saved them time.

But don’t take our word for it – try CyberSyd for yourself!

Go to and click on School Portal to sign-up your school. It takes minutes and you can have as many student accounts as you like.

We hope that CyberSyd removes the barriers to your students reporting bullying. However, if CyberSyd isn’t a great fit for your school, then you can cancel at any time before your free trial ends and pay nothing.

If you do keep CyberSyd, then check out our loyalty programme which means you pay less the longer you subscribe!

We’re passionate about making the world a brighter place for our young people and we look forward to working with your school community to have a positive impact on your students’ wellbeing, their development, and their future.


The CyberSyd Team

Bullying: You Report It, Syd Stops It.

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